The system is corrupt. Together, we can fix it. 

In 2018, through research and analysis, Bridgeport Generation Now members came to a consensus that the root cause of Bridgeport’s inequities stems from an entrenched a way of being that’s antithetical to the norms of a fully functioning democracy.

Our elections are rigged by abusing the absentee ballot voting process, city jobs and Boards and Commissions appointments don’t go to the most qualified, but instead are held hostage to an insidious system of political patronage. Voter turnout in Bridgeport is the lowest of all the towns in Fairfield county. In a nutshell, our political system has been corrupted.

With that in mind, Bridgeport Generation Now began its anti-corruption work by bringing together a diverse coalition of citizens, activists, public servants and business owners who believe it’s time to put an end to corruption. Our city will never reach its full potential if we don’t. We value accountability and transparency and demand that our public officials do the same.

We’re Bridgeport focused but part of a national movement. We are the official Connecticut chapter of Represent Us, a national anti-corruption organization that brings together conservatives, progressives and everyone in between to pass powerful anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, end secret money and fix our broken elections.

Together, we can end systemic corruption in Bridgeport! In 2021, we're coming together to fight for voting rights, to elect anti-corruption candidates to City Council and Board of Ed, and to Get Out The Vote!

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We won our first campaign on June 4, 2018 after successfully lobbying our City Council passed the Bridgeport Anti-Corruption Resolution. The resolution although non binding is an aspirational document that helps Bridgeport, as a collective body, acknowledge our mistakes, and provides a road map to a new way of being.

It calls on all our elected and appointed officials and employees of the city of Bridgeport to adhere to our ethics ordinance.
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After the September 2019 Mayoral Primary, Bridgeport Generation Now Votes organized a citywide canvass to look into absentee ballot fraud and abuse. Our canvass, as well as the subsequent lawsuit - "Lazar v. Ganim, et al" - shed powerful light on how political operatives target and manipulate voters to rig our local elections.

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On Wednesday, September 10th, 2020, Police Chief Armando Perez and Personnel Director David Dunn were arrested on charges of conspiracy to rig the police chief search process. Their arrests confirm what we all already knew. The national search conducted by Ganim’s administration in 2018 was a sham from the beginning.

And the people of Bridgeport have had ENOUGH!
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Key Dates

  • September 14, 2021
  • November 2, 2021