Bridgeport - We Did It!

The 2021 Election results are in and the Unrig Bridgeport candidates won!
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Wednesday, November 17th at 8:00pm on Zoom
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Together, we can Unrig Bridgeport!

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We are hiring for a Community Organizer who will be responsible for deepening relationships, developing leadership, and building power with Bridgeport voters!
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Dr. Mary Frances Berry Came to Bridgeport!

In July, #UnrigBridgeport held a talk and book signing with Dr. Mary Frances Berry, civil rights activist, American historian and author of "5 Dollars and a Pork Chop Sandwich, Vote Buying and the Corruption of Democracy."
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Bridgeport is getting an Election Monitor for two years!

In the 2021 legislative session, we fought for - and won - important state reforms that protect our democracy and expand our voting rights! Click to learn more!
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Key Dates for Voters

  • June 14, 2021
    Last Day to Switch Parties to Vote in Primary
  • September 9, 2021
    Last Day to Register to Vote by Mail
  • September 14, 2021
  • October 26, 2021
    Last Day to Register to Vote by Mail
  • November 2, 2021

Secretary of State's Key Dates for Candidates

  • July 20, 2021
    Party Endorsements (July 20th - 27th)
  • July 28, 2021
    Certification of Party Endorsements
  • August 4, 2021
    Nominating Petitions Due by 4:00pm
  • August 11, 2021
    Primary Petitions Due by 4:00pm
  • September 14, 2021
  • October 19, 2021
    Write-In Candidate Registration Due by 4:00pm
  • November 2, 2021

About Bridgeport Generation Now Votes

Bridgeport Generation Now Votes is on a mission to increase voter turnout in Bridgeport elections. Key to that work is educating the public about political candidates, public officials and what their public service record actually is, not what they want people to believe.

We are a nonprofit, non-partisan group. We fight for truth and transparency in our local government often in the face of intense pushback from political operatives that want to keep power concentrated in the hands of the few politically “connected.”

We are fully empowered and do support issues that align with the values, principles and work that Bridgeport Generation Now has been advocating for since day one of our inception.


• Educate and organize Bridgeport residents

• Engage, inform, register and mobilize voters

• Advocate and promote anti-corruption policies on the city, state and national level

• Inform voters about candidates record of corruption and/or anti-corruption

• Stand in solidarity with democracy reformers and social justice partners fighting to uphold democratic norms

In the Summer of 2019, Gen Now Votes hit the streets to talk to residents about the issues they care about. We canvassed thousands of Bridgeport residents. Over and over again, we heard the following issues are the most important to our neighbors:

  • Education funding
  • Access to healthcare
  • Potholes and better streets
  • Homelessness and affordable housing
  • Government corruption
  • Youth programs
  • Ending mass incarceration
  • Higher minimum wage
  • Access to childcare


What’s the difference between Bridgeport Generation Now and Bridgeport Generation Now Votes?

Bridgeport Generation Now Votes is the electoral reforms advocacy and political arm of Bridgeport Generation Now. We fight for public policies that support fair elections and democratic ideals. Bridgeport Generation Now Votes is a 501(c)4 (status pending) organization. Donations are not tax deductible as charitable contributions or business expenses.

Bridgeport Generation Now is a grassroots social action network committed to increasing civic engagement in Bridgeport. Bridgeport Generation Now educates and organizing its members and the public around good governance, justice and equity, and livability. Bridgeport Generation Now is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax deductible as charitable contributions.