Calling All Bridgeport Voters- Vote Tuesday, February 27th!

Every eligible Bridgeport voter, be they Democrats, Republicans, Independents or Unaffiliated must have the opportunity to vote on Feb. 27 in the general election for mayor. It’s the American way.

Why Journalism Matters: Read CT Mirror’s Groundbreaking Investigation Into Bridgeport’s 2023 Elections

Political operatives working on behalf of the local Democratic Party break election laws and target and manipulate some of our most vulnerable voters, all for the purpose of controlling the outcomes of our local elections.

The Threat Right In Front Of Us: What January’s Results Mean For Our Democracy

There is a terrifying thing happening in Bridgeport, election after election, as well as in our country and across the world. Criminal strongmen and women, who are caught “red-handed,” are being rewarded for their crimes rather than being punished. And the people who speak up, speak out and tell the truth are the ones being vilified. There seems to be a growing hunger for fascism. And the everyday voter is left feeling scared and confused.