Local elections matter. Vote on Primary Day, Tues. Sept. 14th! Polls are open 6:00am – 8:00pm. 

In 2021, Bridgeport voters will cast votes for City Council, Board of Education, and City Sheriffs.

Local elections are very important because they directly impact our quality of life! For more information on the 2021 elections and to check your voter registration, read our FAQs below.

✨In 2021, when will I vote & who will I be voting for?

  1. Primary Day is Tues. Sept. 14th. Election Day is Tues., Nov. 2nd.
  2. In the 2021 Primaries, Democratic Voters in the 131st, 132nd, 133rd, 135th, 136th, 137th, 138th, and 139th Districts will vote for City Council Candidates! [there are NO primaries in the 130th and 134th districts]
  3. In the 2021 Primaries, Republican Voters will vote for citywide Board of Education and City Sheriff candidates.
  4. See Democratic sample ballots here
  5. See Republican sample ballots here
  6. Democratic voters will choose 2 people for City Council from your district.
  7. Republican voters can vote for up to 3 candidates for Board of Education and up to 3 candidates for City Sheriff.

✨What candidates should I support in the primaries?

If you’re a Democrat and live in the 131st, 132nd, 133rd or 137th Districts, you should support the City Council and Board of Education candidates who pledged to The People’s Platform! Read more about the Unrig Bridgeport candidates here!

  • 131st District: Tyler Mack & Jorge Cruz
  • 132nd District:  Dasha Spell
  • 133rd District: Aikeem Boyd
  • 137th District: Aidee Nieves & Maria Valle

If you’re a Republican, you should support Joseph Sokolovic for Board of Education.

I don’t know what voting districts I live in. How can I find this information?

  1. City Council Voting Districts
  2. State Representative Voting Districts (also called “Assembly Districts”)
  3. State Senate Voting Districts
  4. Local Election Polling Locations
  5. State Election Polling Locations
  6. Congressional Voting Districts (for U.S. House of Representatives)

I’m still worried about COVID-19. Can I use an absentee ballot to vote?

Yes! In 2021, you can still use the COVID-19 pandemic as a legal excuse for needing an absentee ballot to vote. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use an absentee ballot:

  1. Click here to download the absentee ballot application in English or in Spanish
  2. Fill it out and mail it or bring it to Bridgeport’s Town Clerk, City Hall Room 122 , 45 Lyon Terrace, Bridgeport, CT 06604
  3. Wait to receive your absentee ballot in the mail
  4. Complete your absentee ballot in the privacy of your home
  5. Do not let anyone touch or take your absentee ballot
  6. Mail your absentee ballot back to Bridgeport’s Town Clerk or put it in one of Bridgeport’s secure ballot drop boxes

Absentee Ballot drop boxes are located at:

  1. Margaret E. Morton Government Center, 999 Broad Street, Bridgeport
  2. City Hall 45 Lyon Terrace, Bridgeport
  3. Fire House #10 950 Boston Avenue
  4. Fire House, 245 Ocean Terrace

Ballots must be deposited in the secure drop box no later than 8 p.m. on September 14, 2021.

✨ I don’t know where to vote. How can I find this information?

  1. You can check your voter registration and polling location here: http://www.dir.ct.gov/sots/LookUp.aspx

✨ I am not sure if I am registered to vote. How can I check this information?

  1. You can check your voter registration and polling location here: http://www.dir.ct.gov/sots/LookUp.aspx

✨ I am not registered to vote in Bridgeport. Can I still register?

  1. You can register to vote by mail by downloading, printing, and mailing your registration from here: http://portal.ct.gov/SOTS/Election-Services/Register-to-Vote/Voter-Registration-Application-English-and-Spanish 
  2. If you have a state-issued ID, you can register to vote online here: https://voterregistration.ct.gov/OLVR/welcome.do
  3. You can register to vote in person at the Registrar Of Voters Office any day, even on Election Day. During a Primary Election, only voters who are not registered with a party may register to vote on Election Day. The Registrar’s Office is located at Margaret E. Morton Gov. Center, 1st Floor, 999 Broad Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604. Phone: (203) 576-7281
  4. For more information, please visit https://www.vote.org/state/connecticut/